I was tagged @chim-chimmm, @peppermintjiminnie and @kvths for the bias selfie tag and by @itsrapmonster and @rosytaes for the “regular” (?) selfie tag! Thank you so much, everyone! 

💕 I know it’s already been years since you tagged me, but better late than never ayyyy

Anyway, I’m tagging: everybody did this like 1000 times already… does anyone even want to be tagged anymore @cutiepiebts – @hobiconfetti@sevenkookiejars – @jhopes-butt@jeonbia@jungkookjpeg – @jimintensify and @flowercrownyoongi for either the bias selfie tag or the normal one, you may choose haha! Only do it if you wanna, though!~ especially since i tagged new mutuals…if you don’t want me to tag you tell me haha

tagged by @jimin-bean and @jpghope to post my lockscreen and homescreen!~

tagging @bts-makes-me-begin@minyunkie@yoongishappiness and @taesflower!


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